Paris Je T’aime

It’s 12 AM as usual I woke up late, and hand my self a cup of coffee then opened up my laptop, surfing page to page in internet and rode the world updates. Finally I checked out my email, and yes finally I’ve got new message. Yayy my photos done to edit by my friends Widi and Vincent. Those pictures are my lil journey in Europe in 2011/2012. Started from France, Belgium (Liege), and Amsterdam. I would love to make some frames at some commercial places such as Eifel,  Louvre, Moulin Rouge or etc..But those places didn’t really thriled me and I more attached to some intriguing corners including; A bridge and des jardins in Paris, a corner in an old train station at Choudfountaine Belgium, and some random places near by the river in Amsterdam.

noki noleh

J’aime beaucoup envoyage en Europe. I could see the diffrent sides of world, also the cold of the winter, well it’s not as beautifull as I seen on TV though -___-‘. My body wrapped in layers of clothes and  the black wool coat. But things were fine when the sun flares arised and stroke every corner of those ancient buldings, and the dazzling reflection really close resemblance of crystal clear. I was like diving in a picasso and I never regret to walk thousand miles to witnessed those things. My journey is the materialized of the dreams and my father encourage, so it’s never been ephemeral.

noki kaya lukisan

This journey reminisced me to my father  when I was kid, my dad always be my perfect role model, I always want to be him, which be able to travel around the world and got the scholarship to study abroad. He always said to me “There will be your time and be more than me“, and Voila im here and ready to catch more dream.

noki mlaku mlaku

This is one of the little journey in my life and now time for me to spew out  more vows to the sky


Shoes: Playboy
Coat  : Spectrum
Belt   : Calvin Klein
Glases: John Varvatos
Creamy Wool Coat: Zara

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