Travel and Freedom

Travel is one thing people actually need in life. I remember years back ago while I was still living in Indonesia, I was always thinking about traveling.  It was my main motivation, the biggest drive in me. I always thought Indonesians are not really a fan of traveling, but it may just be in my mind. Anyway, that was the reaason why my friends and I always created many activities during holidays.


After I moved to Belgium, I start to really apreciate the meaning of travel: the way it opens our eyes and mind, the way it makes us understand people with different perspective in life. The way how the season and weather drives the way of life. The way we can see different constructions of the buildings. The way we can even taste the diverse gastronomies. Travel does matter.



When the time had come I decided to move simply because I realy want to understand how the depth of life in the different sides of the world.


I was the victim of Indonesian’s conservationism, in which I could not really express my identity, and in short the universe grant me the luck to travel across continent.


I left everything, everything that mattered  but I was granted something better in life: the freedom of expression. Thanks to travel. You always have the choices; to swing by and to see, to swing by to understand, or to live within. and I chose to live within.

Credit Photo:
Photograph:  Lambox Sinaga
Photo Editor: Lambox Sinaga

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