Redefining Friendship

Those pictures were taken almost five years ago in 2017, the continent split us, and it was the first time we met after I decided to live abroad. It was a joyful moment. We had the chance to trace back all of our childhood and, indeed, bittersweet memories.

Paris was our melting pot, I don’t say that Paris is everything but somehow, as we both were great dreamers, and so we are today. We were so happy. I think that is why we have that special bond between us. Further, Josay, “our little brother” present, made the moment even more complete with a Jogjanese squad around!. I am a proud friend, far away from Indonesia, for a business trip as a blogger. She is well committed with her focus, and happy to see her grow now.

Finally, back in the day and that was in spring. Finally, we see each other after years. happiness overloads, and it’s an unforgettable moment. It was the bluest sky ever and was a hint of spring. We could feel the cold but were happy as we didn’t need to put more layers of clothes on us :). The most fun part was discovering even more— Paris because she is the most lunatic person I have ever known. I don’t remember the ever-changing caps we had during our meeting. We strolled around every “arrondissement” we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. That was super fun.

Now the time has changed us and shaped us into adulthood—newly sophisticated friendship. We realize getting into the new adult life is important to redefine our friendship as “being there” as the most valued friends, and surely as we both lived within striking distance of each other, every second matters, and so every word means everything.

Thank you Clara #Lucedale for those pictures.






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